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The first floor of our Home ChildCare is dedicated Preschool
and Child Care.  It has it's own attached kitchen.  Using one
large room allows us to see all the children at all times.

A moveable wall allows us to give Infants and older children
more freedom of movement and creativity.

Arrangement of the rooms are changed according to
activities, need and other factors.

The large centeral area is used for large group activities,
dramatic play, reading, Music, art and a great general use
area.  Art is normally done at the non-carpeted area so
messes are easier to clean up!

We love to get messy while exploring!
Don't know where we are?  Here is a map
and directions to our Child Care Home.
Our Dramatic Play Area with a
loft above for children 3+ yrs old
Our Reading Area includes books for all ages, a
relaxing aquarium, a magnetic board full of
letters, numbers, shapes and animals, puzzles and
See and Says.  We have a second fish tank
higher and a tank with an African Water Frog.
Our Science and Senses Area includes a
Discovery Bottles encourage and delight
the eyes of children. This is also where
we conduct experiments and explore
artistic endevors. The sensory table is
near the art area to allow messyness with
a quick and fairly easy clean up!
Toward the middle rear of the childcare room
is our Music Area, Natue Viewing Station
with soft steps and slide, and rocking chair.
The large area is a great place for dancing
and large group activities.
Blocks are an important part of any
exploration area! we have large Soft
Blocks and Cardboard Blocks, as well
as traditional Unit Blocks.  Accessories
and tools are closeby to enhance the
imaginative interactions. Duplos and
tracks are also available since there is a
large area for use.