Child Care Play Yard and Nature Area
Our yard is just over 1 acre. A large part of the yard is
fenced in for the children to exploration and play freely.

The fenced area  includes 2 flower gardens, encouraging
butterflies, birds and other animals to visit and has a
large paved area for driving riders and bicycles.

Outside the fence are walnut, pear, apple and mulberry
trees. Our driveway is very long, allowing us to take walks
with or without leaving our property.

From our windows and while outside, we can see trains,
airplanes and wildlife.
Within walking distance are: a public park,  ponds, and a
shopping center with a pet store and a book store.
We often see wildlife from our windows and
while we are in the play yard. Rabbits, birds
and butterflies are  frequent visitors.  
Robins and other birds come sit on our fence
and eat food we set out for them, as well as
insects and worms in the ground.

We visit our neighbors pond and feed the fish.
Wildlife in Our Area
ChildCare Yard
ChildCare Gardens
The gardens are full of flowers.  Some of the
flowers were started indoors by the children,
and transplanted when they were large enough.  
The children enjoy watch their flowers grow
and watering them!  Sometimes we see a
Here are some pictures from our  
raising and releasing butterflies.
We have also raised Monarchs.
Each year we raise Painted Lady Butterflies, and Praying Mantis's!
Our cat, Eli, loves playing
inside and outside and is
very gentle. He is not
typically in the childcare
area of the house.
More images of our outdoor play area can be seen below.  
We are 400' away from the street with a large front
yard.  We can also use our neighbors yard when we want to
fly a kite.
Outside we have a lot of
activities available for all ages.