2007-08 Art and Activities
After being given many
different items to
glue, one child made a
snowman - what we had
been talking about for
the past 2 weeks.  We
also made one outside.  
We used items from
our garden for the
eyes, mouth and arms.
Sticky, shiny drip
paintings using colored
Karo Syrup.  Some kids
used their fingers after
dripping some--what a
sticky mess that turned
into---but FUN!
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St. Valentines Day Gifts.
1 year old exploring painting at
the easle
4 year old exploring
writing and letter formation
What if Zebra's Lost their Stripes?
We explore different ways of giving back
their stripes. The book uses a rainbow.
We went outside and painted with bare feet on
paper--Right foot Red, Left foot yellow.   Then we
took old shoes, dipped the sole in paint and
painted the driveway with shoe prints.  While we
were doing that, we also chose to mix colors.